19th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thanks for your steady support towards our campaign which ensures that we have a continuous distribution of unconsumed food from MNC canteens, to the needy in the nearby neighborhoods. The amount, as always, is being used for the transportation of food from canteens of different MNCs, to the food distribution hub, also towards the salary of the workers such as the driver, men and women who help in cleaning and storing vessels, serving food - the total cost of all of which is close to Rs 30,000 a month. The food distribution to nearly 500 people, every day, 5 days a week, happens every month.

This is an ongoing program, and our needs are similar, month after month. We have now expanded to provide meals even during the day time as well, to additional 150 people.

We have now extended our collections by reaching out to event planners and wedding parties. At least once a week, we are able to collect food from such occasions. For example, we have received food from Decathlon, Christ college, and several wedding parties in the last few months.

We really appreciate your support. Please do contact us if your organization is willing to provide us with their surplus food, or you would like to volunteer with us in any of our programs. Thanks.

The Swabhimaan Team