15th February 2017
As the symptoms include shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat for the last couple of days, the cardiologist is suspecting that Rini is suffering from "Myocarditis" also known as inflammatory cardiomyopathy, is inflammation of the heart muscle.Two infections has been identified in the sputum test report yesterday, which was sent for culture few days before. Luckily she is already covered by broad spectrum antibiotics for the infections.Medications to support her "Heart Rate" and "Blood Pressure" is ON, couldn't be stopped till last night. "Transesophageal Electrocardiography" another test, to detect if there is any problem with the structure and function of the heart and its blood vessels was done yesterday. But nothing has been found significantly.
The situation is critical but Rini is fighting like a brave warrior. Let's pool in all our efforts to financially support Rini's family as the hospital bill has crossed INR 31 lakhs.

Let's keep up our #FightForRini