10th February 2017
Dear supporters,
Baby akshaya responds very well, her chest tubes have been removed and she is in very very minimal ventilatory support and even that is expected to wean and stopped by the next twodays. She smiles at everyone, and is active .Doctors have suggested that she might need a week of treatment.
Thankyou all for your contributions and prayers.
6th February 2017
Dear Supporters,

We are glad to inform you that your contributions have hugely helped baby Akshaya and her mother in a time of extreme difficulty. Akshaya successfully underwent a surgery last week to remove the lobulations in her left lung.

Here’s a recent pic of baby Akshaya with her mother and Dr.Indira Jayakumar,

“Her health conditions are improving. The surgery part is over. She no longer needs ECMO, but still needs a bit of ventilator support” says Dr. Indira Jayakumar. “Your constant support and timely contributions are helping little Akshaya in her huge battle against this sickness” she adds.

THANK YOU for your generous contributions.

1st February 2017
Two days back baby akshaya detoriated, there was persistent airleak , doctors suggested  she might need ECMO again . Baby was found to have bilateral pneumothorax( abnormal collection of air in the lungs) , chest drains where placed. In view of loculated pneumothorax , video assisted thorocoscopy-VATS (minimal invasive surgery) was done . Baby improved with the treatment and responded with ventilator support itself, doctors have suggested as baby is responding well to ventilator support there will be no need of ECMO anymore. Today she has responded well and her ventilatory support has also become minimal. Hoping for her speedy recovery.
Thanku all for your constant prayers and support.