Experience Microfinance in India with Milaap.org

Microfinance entails providing high quality financial services to the poor, either individually or as part of a group, with the aim of helping them out of poverty.
At Milaap, we enable anyone in the world to engage in microfinance by directly lending as little as $25 to the working poor in India. We have seen through our borrowers’ stories how microloans- given at affordable rates- can transform lives and spur economic activity. Over the past two years, we have raised over $530,000 and impacted 13,000 and we are just getting started!

Ready to join our story of change? Check out our borrowers here, select one that you want to impact, contribute $25+ to their loans, and watch a story of change unfold. When your loan is paid back, you can choose to re-lend to a new borrower to multiply your impact!

Why Milaap is Different

Traditional donations have a limited lifespan- they are given to a person in need and the impact stops there. Milaap loans are repaid and reinvested in new borrowers- multiplying the impact of your money!

Milaap’s loans are unique because they focus on areas that will have a larger impact for the borrower and his or her community. Other crowdfunding platforms usually only offer loans to individuals to start or grow small businesses- usually proprietorships that often have limited growth. Milaap focuses on diverse areas that include vocational training loans with connections to job markets, loans for solar energy to extend access to electricity, loans for safe sanitation and clean water to improve families’ health, as well as small and medium enterprise development loans. Not to mention, our loans are given at 50% lower interest rates than other credit options available to the working poor because our field partner selection process requires the loan to be given out of social mission.

How it works

Some borrowers in need of loans

Lalbiaksangi and Group : To expand their tea stall businesses

Lalbiaksangi and Group

Lalbiaksangi is a 37 year old mother who has two children. She represents her group and is pictured with her hand raised. Her husband works as a 4th grade teacher, and helps his wife in supportin..