Charity in India via 100% of your contribution comes back to you!

India is a country with a population of 1.2 Billion where one in three people live below the poverty line. Many charity organizations in India and abroad have been working for years to help improve the situation of the poor in India, through contributions in cash and kind. adds yet another dimension to charity in India.

Contributions towards causes like clean water, education, sanitation and energy are given out as loans, rather than a donation. This means that 100% of the contributions are repaid by the beneficiary once the purpose is served. This way, the same amount of money can be used to fund another family in need. Learn more about More

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How you and Milaap can make a difference

Milaap is a social enterprise that enables people around the world to give a loan to the working poor in India. Based out of Bangalore and Singapore, Milaap's loans are aimed towards providing people with access to basic essentials like clean drinking water, sanitation, renewable energy, vocationa ltraining with guaranteed jobs, apart from enterprisedevelopment. As of August 2012, Milaap has disbursed USD 530,000 in loans and with a 100% repayment rate in two years since its inception.

Some borrowers in need of loans

Snehalata Nahak : To enrol in Class 4 at school

Snehalata Nahak

The Rs. 5000 that Gouri Nahak, from Bhubaneshwar makes as a support staff in a private company goes entirely towards sustaining her family of 4. She educates her elder daughter Snehalatha and is ..