Funding piped water connections, community water systems and water filters.


Imagine spending 15% of your income for access to water.

That’s the reality for the poorest households in rural as well as semi-urban slums where access to water is close to impossible, thanks to active water mafia. Not just that, lack of clean water causes diarrhea, dysentery and cholera, leading to 90% of the deaths amongst children under five.Read more

Milaap works with on-ground partners to provide small loans to individuals and communities in difficult locations to solve problems of access and distribution of clean water. Our 3 pronged approach includes.
1. Building piped in-house water connections: Potable water is no longer 14kms away, it’s within a home
2. Construction of village-level water systems: Saves time and money, while also ensuring job creation in local communities.
3. Installation of water filters - Children have a reduced risk of contracting water-borne diseases.

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The Long Term Impact of Clean Water

  • 90% of illnesses in rural India are caused due to unsafe water.


    Reduces Risk
    of Disease

  • School going children's attendance and performance improves.


    on Medical Costs

  • Time spent in fetching water now goes towards work and family.



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